Best Split System Air Conditioning for heating and cooling

Best Split System Air Conditioning for heating and cooling

For those who require heating and cooling for their home, a reverse cycle air conditioner is perfect. These systems come in the usual forms or split system or  ducted. Instead of just having a cooling unit like an evaporative air conditioner, you can purchase a cooler and a heater unit in one.

What is Split System Air Conditioning?

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Fujitsu make really good air conditioning for your heating and cooling needs.

A split system air conditioner has an external unit outside the home and typically has a single outlet inside one room of the house. Getting the location for the inside unit can be a little tricky depending on wether it is a bedroom or a lounge room, where the windows for the room are, the space available on the wall to hang the ac unit and the size of the room for heating and cooling.

The external unit typically sits up against the exterior of the building, and is electrically connected to the electricity supply from the power meter, including a cut off switch.


Installation Costs?

A split system is the cheaper one off cost. Typically a split system installed, including electrical connection can be between $1500 to $3000 depending on the size of the system, the brand, the electrical connection required and the difficulty of the location of the installation.

What are Inverter Air Conditioners

Have you heard the term ‘inverter’ air conditioner and ever wondered what that means?

Inverter Technology

According to Mitsubishi Air Conditioning  inverter technology is a cost reduction strategy whereby,

“Inverters electronically control the electrical voltage, current and frequency of electrical devices such as the compressor motor in an air conditioner. They receive information from sensors monitoring operating conditions, and adjust the revolution speed of the compressor, which directly regulates air conditioner output. Optimum control of operation frequency results in eliminating the consumption of excessive electricity and providing the most comfortable room environment.”

You will typically find that when replacing your air conditioner, installing this technology is recommended to minimise the electrical consumption of the unit. With rising energy prices, its hards to not want to install electronic technology that aims to minimise electrical consumption.

Do Inverters perform better than conventional air conditioners?

Not with respect to heat transfer. As discussed earlier they perform better with respect to operational cost, and as new models come onto the market, they all typically now all have inverter technology in their circuitry.